Stained Glass & Warm Glass

Military Emblems


CH53 Stained Glass.  Beautiful and strong. This piece has a lot to say!  Measures approximately 39.50″ x 19.75″.  For more information call (713) 899-0933!image.png


The Citadel.  Measures approximately 18″ x 18″.  Made with blue, gray and white glass.  For more information call (713) 899-0933!


Vietnam Ghost Battalion 2-1

Vietnam Ghost Battalion 2-1 Piece.  It measures 20″ x 20″.  Made with bright hammered blue and red!  For more information please contact me at (713) 899-0933!!Vietnam3


Beautiful Personalized USMC Stained Glass!  Made with vivid red and blue hammered, white water glass, gold rope and clear baroque glass!  This piece is approximately 24″ x 24″.  Going to a very special Marine in California!  Just goes to show that anything can be made out of glass!  For more information please call (713) 899-0933!!TEXAS USMC GOODSON


Airforce Emblem made in all clears with different textures.  Measures approximately 13″  x 13″.  Clear BaroqueAirforce Clear as the background, crushed ice outlining the emblem with bevels as the outside border!  For more information call (713) 899-0933!

United States Marine Corp. Stained Glass

marine insertBeautiful USMC Stained Glass. This is a door insert for a credenza. It is made with beautiful hammered red, navy blue, gold and clear glass. Measures approximately 17″ x 28″. For more information on this and other pieces please feel free to contact me at (713) 899-0933!usmc