Stained Glass & Warm Glass

Customized Glass




Monte3Four Sport Logo’s. Texsuns, Dynanmo’s, Astros and Rockets. Have been installed. Beautiful. No limit what you can do with stained glass windows!!


DittoA beautiful 12 x 12 piece with two hearts connected made with hammered red glass, a piece sign, an infinity sign and the word DITTO! A very special piece for a very special person. Remember, anything can be made with glass. Use your imagination and create!!! For more information please call 713 899 0933!


UBeautiful stained glass initial “U”. Measures approximately 18 inches. Is made with all clear glass with different textures. Has a colored glass stone with decorative soldering around the stone. For more information please call (713) 899-0933.



Pamstar2Beautiful Beveled Texas Star. Measures approximately 14″ in diameter. Can be yours today!! Call (713) 899-0933 for more information!


PCThis beautiful piece is approximately 52″ x 25″. It is a commission piece going into a home in the Heights area. Just goes to show that anything can be put into a beautiful glass piece.

Customized Front Door Brand WIndow

ImageThis window is a cattle brand for a client.  It was made for his front door at  his ranch.  Just remember that anything you can come up with inside your imagination can be turned into a beautiful art piece!!!

Stained Glass Eye

Beautiful Stained Glass Eye.   This piece was made for an Ophthalmologist. It measures approximately 19-1/2 x 21-1/2. No limit as to what can be made for you. Let your imagination take control!!!!  For more information call (713) 899-0933!!

Stained Glass Beveled Texas Star

Beautiful Stained Glass Beveled Texas Star.   Size is approximately 32″ x 28″.  Made with a Star Bevel Cluster, Clear Broque Background with hammered clear border with beveled corners.  This is a commission piece and its home will be in Oklahoma.  A piece like this could be yours.  For more information please call 713 899 0933!!

Stained Glass Dragonfly with Iridized Glass

Beautiful Stained Glass Dragonfly Window with Iridized glass.  This piece measures 21 x 15-1/2.  Beautiful  hammered glass around as the border.  For more information please call(713)  899-0933 or e-mail

Stained Glass Name

Beautiful browns, pinks, and colorful flowers in this piece.  It was made for a very special little one who just came into this world.  Turned out beautiful!!!  Any name or phrase can be  yours, just give me a call at (713) 899-0933!!

Beveled Transom Window with clear Broque Background

Beautiful  Bevel Cluster Stained Glass Transom with clear Broque Glass around Cluster.  This was a commissioned piece.  Call for more information ( 713 ) 899-0933.

100 Year Old Window adorned with mirrow tiles, stained glass and colored glass pieces

This is a window that came out of a 100 year old house that my Brother is redoing.  I made this to surprise him out of the old window!!!  Just goes to show  you can make beautiful stained glass  pieces out of just about anything!!!  For more information please call (713) 899-0933!!!

Bevel Cluster Stained Glass Window

Two beautiful Bevel Stained Glass Clusters made into windows for a transom.  Background is glue chip glass.  For more information please call (713) 899-0933.

Texas Stained Glass with Beveled Star

Beautiful Texas stained glass made from an emerald green water glass with the letters in coblat blue hammered glass with a clear hammered glass as the border and a bevel star.  Twisted lead around frrame to give it a more rustic look.  Measures 23-1/2″ x 19″.  Can be made to any size.  My client wanted this one for his home in Columbia.  Call (713) 899-0933 for more information!

Stained Glass Window with Arch

This window went into a bathroom and measures approximately 34″ x 21 -1/2″.  Its made of clear swirly green and brown swirly glass in the middle.   Beautiful!!   Outstanding!!!  For more information please call (713) 899-0933

Texas Star

This Beautiful Texas Star is approximately 21-1/2″ x 21-1/2″.  It has a bevel cluster in the middle with the star.  Beautiful brown glass around the cluster.  It has twisted lead over the zinc border which gives it a wonderful look.  This was a custom piece where the owner had two windows in their study and hung one in each window.  Beautiful with the sun coming through and a great way to show off your home!  Call (713) 899-0933 for more information on this piece or to order  your own.

Texas Star

Texas Star

Bevel Side Windows for Front Door

Beautiful Beveled Side Windows for Front Door.  These were made to match the door.    For more information call (713) 899-0933.

Bevel Side Windows

Leaded Bevel Door Window

Leaded Bevel Door Window

Leaded Bevel Door Window made with a bevel cluster and  clear textured glass!  For more information please call (713) 899 0933

Leaded Bevel Window

Leaded Bevel Window made with a beautiful bevel cluster and clear textures.  For more information please call (713) 899-0933

Leaded Bevel Window

Custom Ribbon Window

Beautiful Custom Ribbon Window.  This piece was made for a dear friend of mine.  It has blue and brown glass with blue glass globs with bevel pieces around the outside.  For more information call (713) 899 0933.

Ribbon Window

Contemporary Outside Window

This is a custom piece for a window dormer on a porch added to a home built in the 1940’s.  Turned out beautiful!!!  Call (713) 899 0933 for more information.

Contemporary Outside Window

Bevel Cluster

Bevel Cluster.  This was a custom piece made for a kitchen window.  Came out beautiful.  Made with a bevel cluster and different textures of clear.  Call (713) 899-0933 for more information and pricing.

Bevel Cluster


Beautiful contemorary commissioned piece.  Call (713) 899-0933 for price and other information!!