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Texas Flag.  Stained glass flag made with hammered red and blue glass, white glass and a beveled star.  Measures approximately 11-1/2 x 14-1/2.  For more information please call me at (713) 899-0933!!Texas Flag


Beautiful Beveled Texas Star stained glass.  Made with beautiful giraffe glass background with a red, white and blue border.  Measures approximately 20-1/2 x 20-1/2 inches.  For more information please call me at (713) 899-0933.Red white blue star


Beveled Texas StarBeautiful Beveled Texas Star. Comes in 12″ or 14″. For more information you can contact me at (713) 899-0933!


crossbonesBeautiful Skull and Cross Bones Stained Glass. The skull and cross bones are beveled glass. Made with black and clear broque glass as the background with hammered red border. Measures approximately 20″ x 20″. Can be made with custom pieces or size. This one is available at this time. Call for more information (713) 899-0933.



Pamstar2Beautiful Beveled Texas Star. Measures approximately 14″ in diameter. Can be yours today!! Call (713) 899-0933 for more information!

Stained Glass Beveled Texas Star

Beautiful Stained Glass Beveled Texas Star.   Size is approximately 32″ x 28″.  Made with a Star Bevel Cluster, Clear Broque Background with hammered clear border with beveled corners.  This is a commission piece and its home will be in Oklahoma.  A piece like this could be yours.  For more information please call 713 899 0933!!

Beveled Transom Window with clear Broque Background

Beautiful  Bevel Cluster Stained Glass Transom with clear Broque Glass around Cluster.  This was a commissioned piece.  Call for more information ( 713 ) 899-0933.

Bevel Cluster Stained Glass Window

Two beautiful Bevel Stained Glass Clusters made into windows for a transom.  Background is glue chip glass.  For more information please call (713) 899-0933.

Texas Stained Glass with Beveled Star

Beautiful Texas stained glass made from an emerald green water glass with the letters in coblat blue hammered glass with a clear hammered glass as the border and a bevel star.  Twisted lead around frrame to give it a more rustic look.  Measures 23-1/2″ x 19″.  Can be made to any size.  My client wanted this one for his home in Columbia.  Call (713) 899-0933 for more information!

Beveled Stained Glass Window

This window measures approximately 34″ x 21 -1/2″.  Its made with several different textures of clear with a beautiful bevel cluster in the middle.  When the light comes through this one it shoots a prisum of colors across the room!  Outstanding!!!  For more information please call (713) 899-0933!!

Beveled Texas Star

Beveled Texas Star with red, white and blue around it.  Twisted lead around diameter.  Approximately 19″ diameter. For more information call (713) 899-0933!!

Texas Bevel Star

Beveled Stained Glass Window

Beautiful Beveled Glass Window.    Was installed into a bath room window over the tub.  Please call 713-899-0933 for more information.

Beveled Stained Glass Window

Beveled Stained Glass Window