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Beautiful fused glass to hang. Made with deep blues, greens and aqua. Made into two pieces. Each piece measures approximately 24-1/2″ x 14″. For more information call (713) 899-0933 or email at

Fused Glass Butterfly Pendant

Beautiful Fused Glass Butterfly Pendant.  The Butterfly is in Dichro glass so it really stands out, on black.  Have several in different butterfly colors.  The piece looks much better than the picture shows.  Pendants sell for $18.95.  For more information please contact me at (713) 899-0933.

Beautiful Fused Platter with Amber Leaves

This is a platter made from cream glass on the bottom overlayed with clear glass with black stringers and fused together.  Then it was slumped into a platter mold.  Next the amber leaves were made from amber frit and then tac fused to the platter.  The platter is approximately 13-3/4 x 9-3/4.  Beautiful for a decoration or can be used for that special occassion.  The platter sells for $68.99.  Please contact me at (713) 899-0933 for more inforation.

Tempered Glass Bowl

Beautiful Tempered Glass Bowl.  Measures approximately a 17″ circle.  Can be made any size.  Made from Tempered Glass bits formed into a beautiful piece of art.  Can be used as a bowl or a wall hanging.  No two alike.  For more information please call (713) 899-0933!

Tempered Glass Bowl

Cross – Glass Pendant

Beautiful Cross made from stained glass and dicroic fused together!  Comes on a 20″ silver plated necklace.  Have different beautiful colors.  Pictures don’t do it justice.  They are beautiful.  Sell for $32.95, comes with chain and in a beautiful box lined with satin.   If  you would like to see them please let me know at (713) 899-0933!!

Cross Glass Pendant